We are a worldwide source for original German factory OEM replacement parts for all R&B filter presses.

Charlie has worked with R&B presses over 45 years.

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– Original factory OEM replacement parts for all R & B filter presses.

– Replacement filter plates and membranes for diaphragm plates.

– Filter press refurbishment.

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Filter Press Manufacturer Rittershaus & Blecher (R & B), is a company with longstanding experience in the field of separation technology. R and B filter press is able to look back on more than a century of applied technology. All the wealth of knowledge gained is applied not only to design and manufacturing of filter presses, but also in the design and construction of critical components such as filter plates.

Rittershaus & Blecher Filter Presses (R & B filter presses) have been the true Workhorses of the industry for 50 years. Universal Filtration offers more years of experience dealing with R&B Filter Presses than any company. Our experts can supply you with all correct replacement parts as well as providing engineering support for your complete press system.

Universal Filtration and Pumping Solutions still has machines working that were manufactured in the early 1970s. Our knowledge is second to none, we can supply any part and we ship parts worldwide. We can also supply an exact duplicate of your existing R&B Filter Press. Whether you need products or service for a R & B press, your choice is clear.


R&B 2 Meter 2×2m Filter Press Municipal Wastewater Treatment Installation


R&B started as a hydraulic system manufacturer and in 1945 turned their focus to manufacturing the filter press. The first filter presses used manual closing devices and R&B started utilizing their mechanical engineering expertise along with the experience in hydraulics to develop hydraulic closure for their filter press. Today, essentially all filter press manufacturers utilize hydraulics for filter press closing/opening and in some cases to shift the filter plates. The presses were manufactured in a full gamut of sizes: 300mm, 470mm, 500mm, 630mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1200 × 1600mm, 1500mm, 2m × 1.5m, 2m × 2m, and 2m × 2.4m. The 1200mm filter presses were also manufactured for filtration pressures to 60 bar (900 psi) for special clay filtration applications.

City of Toledo, Ohio Water Treatment Plant with R&B Filtration 2x2m Filter Presses


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