The staff of Universal is composed of individuals with between 10-35 years of experience with filter presses and high-pressure pumping systems. Compile this with our English and German partners and we offer you over 500 years of expertise in our field.

Only the elite producers were selected for our portfolio. Our engineering and manufacturing approach is conservative, and we do not use guess work in the design or sales of our pumping and filtration equipment. If we are not comfortable with your application, we will not offer you just any solution.

We at Universal Filtration and Pumping Solutions vow to utilize all of our knowledge and resources to provide you, our valued customer, with the best equipment and services within our ability.

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703 Bascomb Commercial Park – Suite 103 
Woodstock – Georgia 30189 USA
Phone: 770-592-7564 Fax: 770-592-8561

Filter Press pumps, parts refurbishing and more