We are the only company in North America that provides a complete solution to recoating your ductile iron filter plates. Some other companies may appear to offer a similar service, but lack the knowledge and experience to do the job correctly. Whether your coating is at the end of its useful life, was improperly applied during a previous repair attempt, or has been damaged, we can provide a complete solution to your filter plate coating needs. We have been coating filter plates for over 35 years.

Plate Before Coating

Filter Plate Ready for Coating

Plate After Coating







Our Services Include:

  • Project Planning
  • All Accessories (New Fasteners, Plugs, Cloth Caps, Underdrain Rivets, etc.)
  • Custom Made Pallets to Protect Your Plates
  • Re-Machining (when necessary)
  • Specially Developed Epoxy Coating for High Pressure Press Closing Forces
  • Quality Control Monitoring
  • Dedicated Trucking (No Offloading) to Avoid Damage from Handling
  • Installation Supervision and Training


Replacement Filter Plates




Coating at End of Useful Life

Recoated Filter Plate














Filter Plate Before Recoating

Filter Plate with New Coating











Damaged Coating

Plates With New Coating










Recoated R&B Filtration Filter Plates