Filter Press Feed Pumps

by Thomas Willett

UF&PS is a worldwide source for New Willett Pumps and original factory replacement parts for all Willett pumps. The Willett is a vertical, single acting positive displacement ram pump, designed for long life, low maintenance and optimum energy efficiency. It is the most cost-effective solution available to pump difficult and abrasive sludge and slurries.

Willett Parts and Pump Options

  • New Willett Pumps
  • Original factory replacement parts for all Willett Pumps.
  • Upgrades for all existing pumps.
    • — Electronic change-over.
    • — Replacement Rams with various coating options.
  • Complete refurbishment of existing pumps.
  • Second hand refurbished pumps.
Willett Pump Cutaway Diagram
Wilett Pump Sizes

Manufactured by EDWARDS & JONES with over a century of commitment to quality and considered one of the world’s leading process equipment manufacturers.

Universal Filtration & Pumping Solutions’ staff have been working with Willett Pumps for over 40 years. We supply parts and services to over 400 Willett pump owners worldwide. With sizes ranging from the small 4 inch ram in the ceramic industry to the 20 inch pumps in Hong Kong & Singapore for the water and wastewater installations. We specialize in the operation and maintenance of Willett Pumps and can offer the original factory parts for all models and sizes.

Willett filter Press Feed Pumps