Filter Press Rental Equipment

Available For Rent

 Equipment Includes:

– 470mm / 500mm Filter Press With

– 470mm / 500mm Recessed Chamber Filter Plates

– 470mm Membrane Filter Plates

– Filter Press Feed Pump

– Sludge Mixing Tank

Because most sludges and some slurries have very poor filtration characteristics, the addition of filter aids, polymer, and chemical conditioning is required. Depending on the scope of the project, testing of the sludge or slurry may be warranted to accurately determine the filter press size and the sizing of the ancillary equipment for a complete dewatering system.

Universal Filtration & Pumping Solutions has the equipment and knowledge to assist with laboratory and field testing to determine the filtration characteristics and chemical conditioning requirements for the sludge or slurry. This data is then used for the proper sizing of the filter press system including the filter press and ancillary systems and equipment.