Steel Filter Plates for when the risk is too high for Poylpropylene

Replacement and Refurbishment of Filter Plates

Steel – Polypropylene Covered Membrane & Recessed Filter Plates

Originally designed to replace the discontinued Rubber & Steel Filter Plates of Edwards & Jones (E&J). We are pleased to announce our new 2m x 2m Steel Polypropylene Membrane and Recessed Chamber Filter Plates for robust applications.

Applications: Sewerage Sludges, Clay Filtration, Mining, Minerals, Cement Dewatering

The filter plates are constructed with a machined steel body plate of very tight tolerances to assure consistent flatness and uniform plate thickness. The replaceable membranes are of polypropylene (PPH) construction. The center feed port is machined and fitted with stainless steel sealing flanges.

We have plates in service and are receiving positive feedback from our customers. The plates typically offer a volume increase of 10-15 percent and a filtration area increase of 15 percent over polypropylene filter plates for the same filter press foot print.

The plates are also designed to take the pumping/feed pressure of 16 bar (225psi). The plates are designed to be a direct replacement for the old Edwards & Jones (E&J) plates, Fletcher plates, R&B Ductile Iron, and Passavant Ductile Iron plates.

filter press feed pumps

Replacement Filter Plates

2m by 2m Metal Core Membrane Filter Plate

Steel Core Membrane Filter Plate

New Filter Plates:

Steel – Polypropylene Covered 1300mm, 1500mm, 2m x 1.5m, and 2m x 2m

Ductile Iron 1500mm and 2m x 2m

Replacement Filter Plates

2m by 2m Diaphragm Membrane Filter Plates With Steel Core

Steel/Metal Core Membrane Filter Plate Installation


Specializing in Replacing the discontinued Rubber Coated Steel Filter Plates
Detailed Analysis includes:

  • Filter Press Beams
  • Press Volume
  • Press Performance

We offer replacement plates of:

  • Polypropylene Covered Steel
  • Ductile Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heated Plates
  • Membrane
  • Recessed Chamber
  • Plate and Frame

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Replacement Filter Plates

Membrane and Recessed Chamber Plates E&j (Edwards and Jones / Fletcher)
** No Longer Available** The discontinued SRRM (Steel Reinforced Rubber Moulded) Recessed Chamber plate delivers the same mechanical strength and resilient rubber covering as the diaphragm plates to resist acidic and alkaline conditions.

Filtrate take off can be either internal via corner ports or external from the side edge of the plate. A full size range is available from 500mm sq through to 2000mm sq and can be retrofitted to either sidebar or overhead beam filter presses.

The cylindrical pip filtration surface, pioneered by Edwards & Jones, offers a 60% free drainage area behind the filter cloth, as well as extending the cloth life.