Piston Diaphragm Pump

Emmerich Piston Diaphragm Pump

Emmerich’s competitors technologically speaking are Abel Pumps, Feluwa, and Geho. Each manufacturer have slight differences which we taunt, but in reality they are all excellent pumps. After working with my first Feluwa pump in 1976 feeding a filter press at Sperry Univac in Salt Lake City, I realized that piston membrane pumps are precision designed and manufactured.

Now 40 years later, I appreciate the reliability and durability of these pumps even more. With proper care and maintenance these pumps can last 50 years or more.

Membrane Pump

While each manufacturer has primarily selected several “niches” or target markets, Emmerich has expanded it’s product range to include polypropylene “wet end” pumps for the chemical and corrosive slurries as well as explosion proof designs for hazardous locations. Emmerich has now positioned their piston diaphragm pumps for the full gamut of positive displacement diaphragm pumps applications.


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