EMS Food Waste Pump

We have brought the EMS food waste ram pump to North America for another customer who is very excited. This food waste pump replaces the Abel pumps which just could not stand up to the abrasive conditions.

This is no baby pump at 3700 Kg (8100 pounds) and 900 liters/min (234 gpm). This pump model comes with a tungsten carbide coated ram, Kevlar impregnated packing and aluminum ball checks with stainless steel seats.

We use the same tungsten carbide ram coatings and Kevlar packing on our grit pumps and grit and rocks play havoc on pumps but we seem to have solved the problem. Our food waste pumps come in both mechanical and hydraulic drive options and in a range of sizes from 60 to 1800 l/m (15 – 475 gpm).

With 35 million tons per year of food waste in the USA alone, more and more installations are learning that progressive cavity, lobe and piston membrane pumps are maintenance nightmares on food waste. We are optimistic more and more of our EMS ram pumps will be put to use.


VRM250 Food Waste Pump

VRM250 Food Waste Pump

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