Food Waste & Grit Applications

Positive Displacement Pump

It is the 3rd largest component of waste by weight. Approximately 35 million tons per year in the United States alone. In 2018, food waste made 24% of the 146.1 million tons of municipal solid waste in U.S. landfills. It is a serious force to be reckoned with and is also difficult to pump.

Food waste contains metal objects (eating utensils, bottle tops, cans), plastic, glass, paper, rubber, rock, string/rope, oils, clothing and all forms of food. Eventually, there will be an escape or bypass which will play havoc on progressive cavity rotors and stators in addition to the membranes on the piston.

Our EMS pumps are heavy duty and built to last. They have a tungsten carbide coated ram and special Kevlar impregnated packings which allow us to pump otherwise destructive materials. In several cases our customers experienced a one (1) year payback on the purchase of our ram pump just in the savings of rotors & stators alone!

The EMS Ram Pump has flow rates between 15 and 475 GPM, suction lift up to 30 feet, and a discharge pressure between 3 and 15 bar. Call today and let us find the pump that best fits your application!

EMS Pump in Action: EMS VRH Pump

Ram Pump Demonstration: Sludge Pump 12 sec

VRM250 Pump (Mechanical Drive)

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