Ram Pump:EMS Ram Pump Model VRM175


Ram Pump: EMS Ram Pump Model VRM175

EMS Ram Pump Model VRM175


Available in various sizes the mechanically driven VRM is one of the most popular pumps in the range. The mechanical arrangement features V-belts, a reduction gearbox and a crankshaft final drive providing a basic, simple to understand driveline.

Sludge check valves come in various designs and can be positioned in-line or at right angles to each other allowing the pump to be installed in tight spaces. All VRM pumps create a suction vacuum equivalent to 9 meters static suction lift.

■ Ideal for heavy duty de-sludging
■ Hard wearing tungsten carbide coated ram
■ Suitable for continuous use 24/7
■ Slow speed, quiet operation
■ Huge suction draws thick sludge up to 15%ds
■ Simple construction
■ Up to 50m delivery head
■ Up to 6.5 lit/sec
■ Minimal maintenance