EMS Industries was first established in 1995. A friendly, quality and customer driven company which today offers robust, long lasting, low maintenance pumps with installations in the waste water and the food waste (Bio-gas) industries. We offer several models of the EMS Ram Pumps to cover a wide range of applications.


This is the VRH (Vertical Ram Hydraulic) Pump range which enables a larger pressure than the VRM’s (Vertical Ram Mechanical). They can reach up to 362.6 psi (25 bar), the VRH’s can also carry a greater volume and flow of 475.5 gal/min (1800 liters/min). All of our VRH’s can create a suction vacuum of 12.33 psi (0.85) bar the equivalent to 27’ 10.6” (8.5 meters) static suction.


​Our VRH’s come in a range of sizes:

  • VRH175
  • VRH250
  • VRH270
  • VRH350
  • VRH400
  • VRH500


All of our VRH’s come in an F for food application and an L for Longstroke models all to suit your requirements, VRH-G, VRH-F and VRH-L.



The VRM (Vertical Ram Mechanical) Pump has a range reaching up to 116 psi (8 bar) and can pump up to 126.8 gal/min (480 liters/min).  It is practical and durable

allowing objects up to 2.95” (75mm) to pass through it. Our VRM’s are suitable for heavy duty de-sludging, 24 hr operation, slow speed and quiet operational functions. All of our VRM’s can create a suction vacuum of 12.33 psi (0.85 bar) the equivalent to 27’ 10.6” (8.5 meters) static suction.


Our VRM’s come in a range of sizes:

  • VRM175
  • VRM250
  • VRM270


All of our VRM’s come in a G for grit and an F for food application model to suit your requirements, VRM-G and VRM-F.



Currently we have the CVR (Compact Vertical Ram) and the CVR-G, both come with a 7.87” (200mm) ram. The CVR is the smallest of all our pumps and one of the most popular for projects where high pressures aren’t needed. The CVR-G has a few differences which enable it to process more abrasive materials, such as grit and small stones; they are primarily used for transferring sludge to and from primary settlement tanks and de-sludging.

They have a maximum flow rate of up to 37 gal/min (140 liters/min) and can reach up to 58 psi (4 bar).


​The CVR is an ideal choice for the following: ​

  • Suction of sludge up to 10% dry solids
  • Flow rate of 37 gal/min (140 liters/min)
  • Energy efficiency and monitoring 
  • ​Slow speed operation


Our CVRD (Compact Vertical Ram Duplex) range offers all the power of a CVR and more, with two rams that can give twice the flow at a more consistent rate. One ram pulls in as the other is pushing out, giving a more time efficient flow. The CVRD200 has a flow rate of 90 gal/min (340 liters/min) and can reach up to 58 psi (4 bar).

We currently have the CVRD200 and we are in the process of launching our CVRD300 which will be able to process food waste as well as the general grit, sludge and rags contained in many sludges. The CVRD300 can pump up to 237.75 gal/min (900 liters/min) and reach up to 72.5 psi (5 bar).

All of our CVRD’s also come in a G for grit and an F for food application model to suit your requirements, CVRD-G and   CVRD-F.



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