Steel Reinforced Filter Press Plates

Steel Reinforced Polypropylene Filter Plates evolved due to the closing of the old Edwards & Jones, Fletcher, and Mosley plate factories in England and recognizing that there is still a market for filter plates stronger than plastic. We have finalized our filter plate designs for both membrane and recessed chamber in sizes of 1300mm, 1500mm, 2m x 1.5m, and 2m x 2m. All of our plates are interchangeable with the old E&J plates within the same filter press. They can be mixed and matched with no distinguishable difference.

We offer the membrane plates (mix-pack of membrane and companion plate) for filling/pumping pressures to 12 bar (180 psi) and squeeze pressure of 16 bar (232 psi) or more. The major applications of the plates are fibrous sludges, minerals, and compressible clays.

The machined steel body is stress relieved, blasted clean, and coated with epoxy powder coating to insure many years of corrosion protection. The center feed ports are equipped with stainless steel mating flanges to secure the polypropylene membranes from leakage. The four (4) corner filtrate outlets have “sleeved grommets” preventing internal leakage of the filtrate or feed slurry. The perimeter of the filter plate is supplied with stainless steel fasteners securing the polypropylene faces to the steel body plate. The end result is we now have the strongest, most durable filter plate on the world marketplace.


Steel Filter Press Plate




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