Ram Pumps from EMS

Filter Press Feed Pumps/Food Waste Pump/Grit Removal Pumps

Ram Pumps, often referred to as plunger, reciprocating, piston pump, or ram pump they offer a greater suction lift for dredging and pumping sewage, waste water, backwash and grout or effluent. The Positive Displacement EMS RAM PUMPS are robustly designed and constructed of S.G. iron castings with stainless steel features for the most aggressive environments. Our Rams are available in a variety of materials to address our “target applications” of grit & sand removal, dredging, grout pumping, primary sludge transfer, coal slurry, fly ash slurry, digester feed, and filter press feed.

Grit Pump or Ram Pump For Filter Press Installation
“On Site” Grit Pump 2012
Food Waste Pump

Slurry Pumping Applications

  • Food Waste Pump Click for Info
  • Filter Press PumpClick for Info
  • Grit & Sand Pump Click for Info
  • Grit Dredge Pump
  • Abrasive/Aggressive
  • Biogas Digester Pump
  • Cement Pump
  • Ceramic Pump
  • Clay Pump
  • Coal Slurry
  • Delicate Shear Sensitive Pumping
  • Digester Feed
  • Fly Ash
  • Sludge Pumps
  • Dredging Pumps
  • Food Waste Pump
  • Grout Pump
  • High Pressure Pump
  • High Solids Pump
  • High Viscosity Pumping
  • Kaolin Pump
  • Mining/Ore Pump
  • Primary Sludge Transfer Pump
  • Tailings: Coal & Ore Pumping
Ram Pump Factory Test before being delivered to the City of Los Angeles to use as a Filter Press Feed Pump(click to enlarge)
EMS VRH400 Ram Pump (click to enlarge)

EMS Ram Pump Size Chart

Click on the Model # for dimensional drawings.

ModelDriveFlow GPM (lit/min)Pressure range PSI (bar)
CVR200Mechanical15-80 (60-300)0-60 (0-4)
VRM175Mechanical24-55 (90-210)0-75 (0-5)
VRH175Hydraulic24-55 (90-210)0-725 (0-50)
VRM250Mechanical65-110 (240-420)0-75 (0-5)
VRH250Hydraulic65-135 (240-500)0-725 (0-50)
VRH350Hydraulic130-240 (500-900)0-435 (0-30)
VRH400Hydraulic240-320 (900-1200)0-435 (0-30)
VRH500Hydraulic320-475 (1200-1800)0-435 (0-30)


Pump Capabilities

  • Flow Rates:
    15-475 GPM /(3-108 m3/hr)
  • Suction Lift:
    9 meters /(30 feet)

EMS Ram Pump, Slurry Transfer Pump

VRH Ram Pump

Available in various sizes the heavy duty, hydraulically driven VRH ram pump is the most powerful pump in the range. Sludge valves are large gravity ball type and are suitable for pumping high solids viscous material.

  • Ideal for heavy duty sludge transfer
  • Tungsten carbide-coated sludge ram
  • Suitable for continuous use
  • Slow speed operation
  • Huge suction draws thick sludge
  • Numerous hydraulic and electronic control designs & options
  • Up to 500m delivery head
  • Up to 30 lit/sec flow
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Duplex and triplex options with near laminar flow

VRM Ram Pump

Available in various sizes the mechanically driven VRM ram pump is one of the most popular pumps in the range. The mechanical arrangement features V-belts, a reduction gearbox and a crankshaft final drive providing a basic, simple to understand driveline.

Sludge non-return valves come in various designs and can be positioned in-line or at right angles to each other allowing the ram pump to be installed in tight spaces. All VRM pumps create a suction vacuum equivalent to 9 meters (30 ft) static suction lift.

  • Ideal for heavy duty sludge transfer
  • Hard wearing tungsten carbide-coated ram
  • Suitable for continuous use 24/7
  • Slow speed, quiet operation
  • Huge suction draws thick sludge up to 15%ds
  • Simple construction
  • Up to 50m (165 ft) delivery head
  • Up to 8 lit/sec (127 gpm)
  • Minimal maintenance

Mechanical Ram Pump

EMS Ram Pump Installations

EMS Food Waste Pump Installed Spring 2017
Pumping Food Waste
EMS Model VRM Twin Ram Pump (click to enlarge)
Sludge Ram Pumps for Primary Settling Pumping
Photograph of the 22 VRH400 ram pumps we have installed at Minworth STW (Birmingham) in 2009, which is Severn Trent Waters largest treatment plant. Look on Google Earth and you will see the pumps. (click photo to enlarge)
EMS Model VRM Grit Pump (click to enlarge)


EMS Ram Pump, Slurry Transfer Pump