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grit pump

Grit Pump in Action

City of Manchester Sewerage
Treatment Plant(6) Model
VRMG 270 pumps installed on
moving bridges of grit channels.

Grit Pump

Reliable Grit removal from the grit chamber is a necessity to reduce equipment wear due to abrasion throughout the wastewater process. The techniques and equipment options have evolved such that the use of Airlift removal of grit which was popular in the 70s & 80s is rapidly fading into history. Also, many of the old plants which have grit pumps installed in underground tunnels leading to the Vortex grit chamber are finally able to eliminate the challenging maintenance work environment to say the least with regard to odor from the organics in raw sewerage, confined space, low light conditions and just plain nasty.Our EMS reciprocating vertical ram pumps are rapidly replacing these airlifts and underground pumps with above ground mounting. Our pumps are also replacing the pumps mounted on the travelling bridge above grit channels.The EMS Grit Removal Pumps are low horsepower to save power and designed for 24 hours per day of constant slow motion strokes and wear parts of tungsten carbide to insure many years of reliable, low maintenance operation.With 30 feet (9 meters) of suction lift capability and such a simple common sense design we just wonder why would you use anything else to pump grit?

EMS Ram Pump Size Chart

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ModelDriveFlow lit/minPressure range (bar)

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EMS VRM Grit Pump
Grit Pump

EMS VRMG270/3/450 Grit Pump

Grit Pump

Grit removal pump blow back facility.

EMS VRMG250 grit pumps c/w blow back facility.

Grit Pump

giant grit hopper at blow back facility

Grit hopper at pumping facility.