Hydraulic Ram Pump:EMS Ram Pump Model VRH250

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EMS ram pump drawing: model VRH250
Available in various sizes the heavy duty, hydraulically driven VRH is the most powerful pump in the range. Sludge valves are large gravity ball type and are suitable for pumping viscous material.

Valves can be positioned in-line or at right angles to each other allowing the pump to be installed in tight spaces. The pump design creates a suction vacuum equivalent to 9 meters static suction lift.

■ Ideal for heavy duty sludge transfer
■ Tungsten Carbide coated sludge ram
■ Suitable for continuous use
■ Slow speed operation
■ Huge suction draws thick sludge
■ Numerous hydraulic and electronic control designs & options
■ Up to 500m delivery head
■ Up to 30 lit/sec flow
■ Minimal maintenance
■ Duplex and triplex options with near laminar flow