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Edwards and Jones Filter Plates


Edwards & Jones Company Profile:

– For over 100 years the name Edwards & Jones has been synonymous with total commitment.

As a result of this dedication and experience, Edwards & Jones (E&J) for over 30 years had been successfully producing and supplying a wide range of steel reinforced, rubber molded filter press plates for the municipal and industrial filtration markets.

Today, their innovation and quality of the finished product through professional design, material and craftsmanship have helped establish them as world leaders in the manufacturer of rubber molded filter plates. Now they have transported high quality solutions across the world, with customers including the Water and Waste, Chemical, Ceramic, Mining, Brewing and Food industries.

The exceptional features and proven reliability of the Edward & Jones filter plate portfolio make the filtration process far easier and cost effective. Whatever your rubber molded filter plate requirements, They have the necessary experience required to meet your specific demands and ensure your plant runs smoothly and efficiently.

EDWARDS & JONES produces three types of filter plates:

Replaceable Diaphragms (membrane filter plates)-
Recessed Chamber –
Plate and Frame –
Steel reinforced rubber molded filter plates –


Steel Grade: Core Plates S.275: BS.EN 10.025 (1993) S.275 JR Yield Stress 265 N/mm2 (17 ton / ins2 ) U.S equivalent ASTM A 36. Ultimate Stress 430 /580 N/mm2 (28-37 ton/ ins2)

Rubber Compound:

Chamber Plate: Styrene-Butadiene rubber reinforced with carbon blacks. Excellent resistance to acids & alkalai’s.
Intermediates & End Half Plates: Reference No:FPE 12 ** , pH range 1 – 14, Hardness 50 – 65 Shore D scale, Temperature range 5 – 95 degrees centigrade
** Not Resistant to sodium hydroxide



Note: Edwards and Jones filter plates are no longer available. We do have steel core replacement plates available in 1300mm, 1500mm, and 2000mm (2 meter).




Edward Jones Filter Plates



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