EMS Industries was first established in 1995. A friendly, quality and customer driven company which today offers robust, long lasting, low maintenance pumps with installations in the waste water and the food waste (Bio-gas) industries. We offer several models of the EMS Ram Pumps to cover a wide range of applications. VRH This is the […]
Steel Reinforced Filter Press Plates Steel Reinforced Polypropylene Filter Plates evolved due to the closing of the old Edwards & Jones, Fletcher, and Mosley plate factories in England and recognizing that there is still a market for filter plates stronger than plastic. We have finalized our filter plate designs for both membrane and recessed chamber […]
EMS Food Waste Pump We have brought the EMS food waste ram pump to North America for another customer who is very excited. This food waste pump replaces the Abel pumps which just could not stand up to the abrasive conditions. This is no baby pump at 3700 Kg (8100 pounds) and 900 liters/min (234 […]
Piston Diaphragm Pump
Emmerich Piston Diaphragm Pump Emmerich’s competitors technologically speaking are Abel Pumps, Feluwa, and Geho. Each manufacturer have slight differences which we taunt, but in reality they are all excellent pumps. After working with my first Feluwa pump in 1976 feeding a filter press at Sperry Univac in Salt Lake City, I realized that piston membrane […]