About Us



The staff at Universal Filtration and Pumping Solutions is composed of individuals with between 10 and 40 years of experience with filter press and pumping systems. Compile this with our English and German partners and we offer you over 500 years of expertise in our field.

We represent only the “elite producers” in pump manufacturing: Germany’s Emmerich, Britain’s EMS, and the Automatic Filter Press by Latham. Our engineering and manufacturing approach is conservative, and we do not use “guess work” in the design or sales of our pumping and filtration equipment. If we are not comfortable with your application, we will not offer “just any solution”. Designed for use under the toughest conditions, our EMS Ram Pump and Emmerich Piston Diaphragm Pump are operating throughout the world in a wide range of applications. Our Ram Pump and Piston Pumps are highly efficient, require low energy and have some of the lowest maintenance costs of any pump on the market. Solutions for industry, manufacturing, and municipal include: filter press feed pumps, sludge pump, slurry pump, grit pumping, grit removal, classifiers and separation, de-sludging. Our pumps offer greater suction lift for dredging and pumping sewerage, waste water, backwash, and chemical slurry, grout or effluent.

Our group is a mixture of both young and the older age. The youth contributes these sometimes seemingly crazy ideas that spark innovation and hopefully we older ones can manage the proper blend of all knowledge to assure we stay at the top of our industry.

We at Universal Filtration & Pumping Solutions, Inc. vow to utilize all of our experience and resources to provide you, our valued customer, with the best equipment and services within our ability.




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